The Truth

The truth beacons in these hollow halls called your mind.

Will you step through the open door, or remain amused by the echos and the newly buffed floors?

Even if you choose to stare at your reflection on the ground, the truth will eventually set in as you notice the bags under your eyes.

You are tired, and only grow more weary.

Still you express excitement towards victories you know are empty,

Because you are tired, and do not want others to know the truth.

The truth is that you are tired.

You know this and yet you ignore it because if you admit this,

the truth is that you fear the other truths will spring forth and permanently suffocate you.

The truth is that you are afraid.

It's okay to be afraid sometimes,

but to be truly strong you must deal with your fear and walk through that door.

That is also the truth.

Now that you know,



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