This is not a poem about how I lost my mother

Or a poem about how I broke a girl's heart

Or about the time I heard my first poem.

This is a poem about what I know better than anyone else

And that is myself.

In my early early youth I was a brat

I was the smallest of the group

But I was a bully

A cute little devil

A criminal waiting to be caught.

Stealing cookies from an antisocial kid,

Saying filthy lies to my authorities, 

Robbing fifty pesos from grandpa,

And all of this to fit in.

I was an ambitious kid following the wrong treasure map.

As I got older I decided to stop trying to fit in

I realized I was never going to be a part of one certain group.

So I slashed a machette through the wilderness of my mind 

and created a new trail.

One that does not accept mediocrity, greed, hate, disrespect, etc...

Why should I follow a world that has it's roots already messed up?

Something I always hated about school was that they graded us on rules.

It was never about how original or honest something was.

It was always for what the rule book had to say.

Maybe that is why I like poetry.

I am free here.

This beautiful and small little corner belongs to those who decided to break away.

We are the future.

We are so beautiful.

And most of all we are real.

As a kid I dreamed of fitting in,

But now I don't want to be a part of this puzzle called


I am happy with who I turned out to be. 

I am grateful to God for all of my experiences,

I know he listens to my prayers

I know he knows my problems

It may take time for him to get to my worries

But thats fine.

I trust God's time.

I know he will give me a Glow-Up, Grow-Up.

Thank You.



I love this idea of giving scholarships for poetry. This is such an amazing way of connecting young individuals to what really matters in life. Thank you for your time. Have a good day and God Bless You.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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