If only you knew what’s going on in my mind

If only you could see

The shadows that chase me

Through my mind

All my regrets

Swirling round and round

Haunting me more than a ghost


If I could tell you everything

Would I even try

Where would I start

At the dawn of time

At the day we met

Or would I start with today?


Why can I never tell you

Why do I shy away

Why am I scared of the truth?



What even is that?

Truth is more complex than even legacy

Just ask Hamilton

It may seem simple

But it leads to pain

It leads to complex situations

Truth in itself is complex because it affects

The simplicity of life turning it complex instead

Oh how truth aches within me!


My truth begs to be set free

I so badly wish to tell you

I never stopped admiring you

No matter how it seems

I still regret passing up on the chance to be with you

But impulse over foresight

Hindsight over impulse

That’s how it goes

For human nature


How I wish I’d waited to be with you

Rather than looking at other options

Rather than holding out on hope

That the one who hurt me could change

Although they did

My indecisiveness now comes into play

I want to hurt them not

Yet I cant deny that I am still attracted to 

Possibilities between us

Of something more than what we now have

Of something I dream about

That which keeps me awake

That which is last on my mind as I drift to sleep


The truth of us 

The truth I silently recognize

The truth I’ll probably never speak

But, oh, how that truth aches within me!

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