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I am dizzy but not fainted,
I am scrubbed raw, but I am tainted,
I am despised, I am hated,
And these are the things I wish weren't true,I've hurt those around me,
Been the person I never want to be,
Kept my heart under lock and key,
And these are the things I wish weren't true,I've commited too many sins,
I've hurt my kin,
I've hated my own skin,
And these are the things I wish weren't true,I am broken but taped,
Real now, but years of my life have been faked,
Learning to give, when all I used to do was take,
This is  my truth,
I have changed.And in my change I looked around,
Seeing the ashes of burned bridges on the ground,
Being lost in this new choice, trying to be found,
And that is what's true,In my change I've seeked forgiveness,
I've made righting my wrongs my business,
So please listen,
I am being true.I am everything I've said I am,
My life is not going to be a scam,
This is my big chance,
And that is what's true.  


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