Once upon a heartbreak ago...

Tell me the truth

Who's coming for you?

By the end of the hour i'll make you feel right

Make you fall in love with me by the end of the night

Confess your heartbreaks to me 

I know all you secrets, they're safe with me

The truth will set you free, I need you to open up to me 

Doing you the favor of closing the book first

I know you don't do this often, I know revisiting those thoughts hurt

Tell me who hurt you, Tell me what did they do

I hope me asking names isn't rude, I just want to talk

Suffering from a heart that's sore

I feel what you feel

You deserve way more

Let me give you something real

Let me tell you the deal, I'll heal up the cuts

Make it feel like you never had sorrow

That old door will be shut

I'll take you to those old places, make it feel new, make it feel like the first time

I'm yours to keep forever, I'll keep you safe, heart is safe

Eyes dry, smile wide, thoughts clearer

I made this a promise before telling you, Now i'm telling you this

I hope i'm not stealing your peace of mind, just know i'm curious, so curious on what I'll find

It's been a while since i've looked for you

It's been a while since I've searched for you

So girl let me know,

Where can I find you, Where can I go

I feel like you're looking to be found, you're searching to be seen and be believed

No matter what you tell me, You're still my number one



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So whenever I get bored, I start writing lyrics (poems), this relates to relationship abuse and life after heartbreak, and having to open up to a new person all over again, and finding the courage to fight all the bad experiences from before, to find a new love, one who can hopefully treat you right. This poem is about me, someone who can be trusted and can understand everything without judging.

All the lyrics have different meanings, and I can go through all of them and explain, but this isn't genius . com and unfortunately I don't think i'll make this a song, lol. So this is the whole theme.


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