Wed, 05/06/2015 - 21:55 -- ktbozer

How could any guy, let alone person like me?

There is nothing here to like.

I am off putting in my manner and appearance.

It is my wall that I put up to keep everyone out.

Anytime that I try to let someone in, in the end they end up hurting me.

Letting myself be vulnerable is one of the hardest things ever.

I can’t always handle it.

It hurts.

And with my brother leaving for college, it is the same thing.

I have let him in and now he is going to hurt me.

Everyone hurts me.

I put on a face fave for school and act like I am the strong one because none of my friends know how to help me and make me feel better.

My parents can´t help either because it is not like they could ever understand.

It is funny I am the broken one right now but I am the one saving others.

This is how it always is and usually I can handle it, but right now I have enough on my own damn plate where I, myself am hitting my breaking point.

Can’t anyone see this.

I can tell it from a mile away when someone is having a problem, but I let them come to me unless I can tell it is a situation like mine where someone is having a problem and it seems weird since they barely ever have any serious times!

Someone needs to see and figure it out.

But until that point I will just sit here and keep pouring my heart out onto paper because maybe the paper understands my position and my issues better than any human will ever be able to grasp.

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