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These people knew when they created the word locked they'll be sweating up a prophecy
L. O. C. K. E.  D
 Let our children kill each other down .
 & yes they were talking about there kids as we'll '
 Cause these white cops won't stop until every face on this earth is pure like the color of the snow ...
But little do they know; that even the snow turns brown ,
That was for Sean Bell and Alex Brown

But justice cannot be gained if were all not thinking the same! 

These outsiders are looking at out brothers like we are  a Black Plague ,
A Virus made to kill .
& sometimes I understand why ..
Because their afraid to die
They see we all turned on each other, so soon we'll come aiming for them
So they're saying let's helps a brother & Annihilate these coloreds  ..
But they will always love you ....
Black they put you everywhere . Tires , pavements, television, colored black
Used a base a color  shadowing the message you are the basis of this nation, this world ..
Brown you are the color of the trunk of trees showing they need us to hold their ground , they cannot stand alone
 Caramel is the most visible sign they use .
Drizzle you  all over the white fluffy whip cream , Showing that we are at the top.
In the words of the great poet Maya Angelou still we rise ..
  But our ancestors have not yet lost their cries
So keep on passing the collection plates , it's time to pay tithes
Instead of being trap queens and kings of a kingdom that ranges to only 1 corner
Open up your minds , y'all negros move that dope and still end up doing time
Ladies throwing their behinds in a circle the same way that their eyes do when they try to read books
Now tell me how that looks
This poem is not to criticize

but recognize

how WE our generation are being looked at by this nation
It's time to start facing the truth .

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