There was a time where trust was a given.

Where kids didn’t yell “I call witness!”

Where people in ghettos didn’t walk with fright

Throw their hands up and say “Don’t shoot”

All because our skin colors and they way we dress makes the privileged  man tremble with stress.

What terrors a boy in a hoodie walking down the street could do even if all he had was skittles and ice tea.

We live in a world corrupted by power where news stations and papers are ruled by lying cowards.

We live in a world that teaches its ok to cry victim instead of teaching those its not ok to oppress them.

We live in a world where parents cry for their kids who’ve lost their lives to the man in the blue.

We think they don’t care “They killed him on site!”

We live trustless.

And trustless we will be, until man is left with nothing but peace.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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