The True You: Explain Your Reasoning


Which one of these is the true you?

a. Ambitious

b. Curious

c. Afraid

d. Idealistic

e. Other_____________

I don't really know

is the "right" answer the true answer?

Explain your reasoning for the choice above:

Main Idea:

pick something easy to explain and show. especially since It's something that I myself don't even know.

Point 1:

I'll make up something good, something to pass this fearful test. I won't fail. I can't fail.

Point 2:

I don't want vulnerable to be a name for me. strong and powerful is what I want to be.

Point 3: 

maybe "inadequate" is my true fear.

what if it's not good enough?

what if it's not good enough?

what if it's not good enough?

I pray that it's good enough...



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