True Villain

Who is the true villain of the story?

Is it the one whoes only thrill,

Lies in those whom they kill?

Or is "villain" simply a category?

Do you ever take time to hear their screams?

Do we believe they are unfeeling?

Or is that simply ouro way of dealing?

Of us being able to at night have nice dreams?

If those we say are truly cruel?

Are all those who kill are evil,

Or are our own perceptions so feeble?

What if they were simply a tool?

A pawn in a game they wished no part of?

But they had a ligitimate reason

To commit that which we call Treason?

What if they did it for a kind of true Love?

Are they still the 'villains' of the tale?

Where were the angelic Angels?

Of these many accounted fables?

When the immoral cried and gave a wail?

If those who turned corrupt were ignored?

Than is it truly them who are vile?

Is it they who cause sin and defile?

Or are we the ones with that award?

Are those who are villains truly wicked?

When we refused to hear their plea.

And instead locked the door and turned the key.

Well, than upon us are all the evil deeds transmitted.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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