The True Tale of Prince Ali

Thu, 08/24/2017 - 15:47 -- kimp178

The tale of Prince Ali may appear to be full of joy and dreams come true,

But the story of the real Aladdin is what i shall spew,
 From a far away land where an abundance of camel and goat must roam, A prosperous city full of lively and kind people belong to Myghadom, In the city of Myghadom the people may be ruled by a person of royalty, Here the heir of the throne would be Prince Ali who pledged his loyalty, In the city of riches his royalty himself promised to forever stand for the people, But the prince was caught sinning in Myghadom's steeple, It wasn't long for all the folks to have heard that their ruler has been false, From that point on Prince Ali would be banished and to always remember his fault, Now the prince belonged to Myghadom but that was once before, Aladdin has gone to Agrabah to live his life with Princess Jasmine and more.  



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