A True Survivor


Never once have I felt the suffering you went through,

Still I can sense your pain,

As you struggle to endure your journey,

Constant fear and threatening thoughts run through your head,

Unsafe and settling situations coming your way,

Never knowing what might happen next.


Hearing them coming, searching through the house,

Hearts beating and pounding, fear bursting through your eyes,

Shivering legs and hands leading to abrupt passages,

 Being separated from loved ones.


Alas a punishment for having different beliefs,

For wearing a distinguishing yellow star,

That ceased into representing like a scar,

And gave an excruciating reason to tear us apart.


With little food to eat, little water to drink,  

Barely any place to sleep and barely any air to breathe,

You still had strong and strange feelings,

That one day you will survive.


Having your name in the evacuation list,

Hiding in the huge rows of beets,

Being pulled aside by the officer,

Moments away from burning and turning into ash,

And destiny turned your way for your survival,

With your strong will, you managed to live on,

You are a true survivor. 


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