The True Story of a Princess

As I gazed up at the starry sky
In the corner something caught my eye
Certainly not the cutest thing
It opened its mouth as if to sing

I almost fainted when this frog spoke to me
I tried to throw him over the balcony
He was hopping and jumping saying no please wait
A wish on a star…no way this was my fate

My father’s dream tucked in my heart
And a promise from a frog to give me a big start
I did the only thing a girl like me could do
That night momma and I had the best frog leg stew

Lol..I’m only joking, it didn’t go quite that way
I sat and listened to everything he had to say
I believed him and felt really bad
So I boxed him up and took him to his mom and dad

To my surprise this frog was no lie
I watched as his mom listened and began to cry
They thanked me and I turned to walk away
When his mother said would you like to stay

It must have shown all over my face
…she again replied well we certainly have the space
The father said, we understand our son is not gone
But we still need a descendant for the throne

I look back now and it all seems senseless
How people think kissing a frog can make you a princess.
-Princess Tiana


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