True Princesses - KEYS


Every little girls' dream is to be a princess,

to be swept off their feet by a tall, handsome prince.

Disney portrays love, strength, and kindness --

Walt Disney provides entertainment and hopes to meet our true love.

All that is lovely and beautiful, but 

true is... Power to the women of the twenty-first century!

Whose to say we need to wait for a guy to come around?

Whose to say we need a prince to bring the strength out of strong, independent females?

We are not girls in distress waiting --

for which we are proud women 

standing in front of ourselves...

We are our own princes.

We are a princess beneath everything. 

We deserve the best we can provide ourselves, by ourselves. 

Shall we deny a man that comes to our callings? 


But we shall not wait around in the toppest tower

nor shall we wait in the basement hoping for the best. 

We empower ourselves and that...

I shout to the top of my lungs

to all those who have felt lonely or dependent. 

A summer has passed, and all those ladies out there...

Keep Empowering Yourself Successfully


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