True Poet In The Making


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Just let go feel the poetry in the air deep inside your soul within my heart. So move to the groove chill and relax just be you I know I'll make it threw with the sun shining so bright. Feeling very right like the forest and trees looking so beautiful in the day time. I'm gonna make it mine like a true poet in the making.

The living proof of the truth within the poet I know Its never out of reach go beyond the stars look up to the moon make'em believe in the dreams that will come true for me to be the one with a breathtaking feeling to show them what I got. While enjoying myself having a good time gonna make it mine this my time to shine I'm gonna own it be about it feel it a true poet in the making.

Feel the breeze of the sea with the smell of the ocean on the way to the beach. What an extraordinary sight looking so amazing and very spectacular while I'm catching a legendary wave have a good time like a sign of hope and it ain't no joke. I'm just being me for the world to see a true poet in the making.

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

and you will become a poet
as long as you believe in yourself and commit to write, great things will come to you
keep writing

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