True Love


True love is something that I have never believed in,

And if the day when I start to believe in true love comes,

I know that I won't be able to comprehend it at all,

And I also know that I will never find true love.


It was like a curse that has been put on me for eternity,

And I know that I will never be able to break the curse,

That same curse is now slowly taking away all my emotions,

And it is also causing the light of my eyes to fade away.


The curse is replacing the light of my eyes with darkness,

A darkness that's darker than that of the darkness of a cave,

The darkness was too much for me and my eyes to handle,

And it has overwhelmed the light of my eyes and of me completely.


There was nothing but darkness surrounding me,

And there was no sign of light anywhere,

But then all of a sudden a very faint glimmer of light appeared,

And I started to head towards that glimmer of light.


As I got closer, I started to see more and more light,

I was also regaining all of the feelings that I have long lost,

And I was also regaining the light of my eyes and of myself,

And all of the darkness has disappeared forever, never returning again.


As I reached the source from where the light was coming from,

I realized that it was not light that my eyes managed to see,

But beauty being reflected off of you, a human being,

To my eyes you seemed like a white angel from heaven.


I then started to feel a warm feeling rising inside of me,

Then I finally realized what that feeling was, it was love,

It was love at first sight, and it was the first time I ever had that feeling,


And from then on, I truly believed and understood what true love is.


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