A True Love

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 22:41 -- Kwitt18

Big brown eyes that would never tell lies 

Loving hands that were made for holding mine 

You made me see all the beauty you see in my every flaw 

Because you love me, you would never let me fall 


When I'm with you, my soul shines brighter than any star

You said if you could you'd give me the world 

But your love is the world to me 

Because I love you, you are all that I'll ever need 


Your touch is caring 

Your light is electric 

Your words are kind and true to my heart 

Because you love me, I know I will never be torn apart 


No mountain, no sea, no skies above 

Will ever keep us apart 

Our love is stronger than earthquakes 

You have set a fire in my veins

A fire that could never be replaced 

Because I love you and you love me, we will never be broken 


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