The True Judge, What We Can't Talk About Because...

The world says that there is no absolute 

that whatever you think is right is just an opinion and that there is no truth. this person may think gay marriage is right while this person thinks its wrong, is it the same love? or is that just a song? you see, we have scientist and atheists who create ideas while we use religion and politics to free us. Is there a God who says this is wrong and this is right? who separated the day from the night. Is there a God that is the absolute? Is there a God who is the One True Judge? Or are we going to rely on human authority that says its okay for you to hold a grudge? 


You see,


Before the foundations of the earth there was only one true Judge and one true Love, He Is God of the UNIVERSE. 

He is so beautiful but yet we make Him look like nothing but Judgemental. His requests of us are so simple but yet we think we are incapable. 



When He created His commandments they were out of Love, but silly us we thought God wasn't enough. When He said thou shall not murder, he means that if you didn't murder each other this place would be much better. 

When He says thou shall not steal, if you didn't lie and take from each other i can be the provider of your next meal. 


God has every right to judge us. 

He can judge our hearts of murder, lips of lies, our eyes of lusts. Our relationship with Him couldn't have any trust but good thing He had a plan to send His one and only son, JESUS. 


When people tell you "There is no absolute!" you ask them, "are you absolutely sure?" 


Whether they say no or yes, they come to realization of the missing part in life which is Jesus. 

The only one who ultimately gets to judge us. 


Tell them not to get nervous because even before we were born He loved us. 

He's the God of Isaac, Abraham, and Moses. 

The creator of the air we breathe. The author of the Greatest Love story.  But You and I are so unworthy. It's like trying to buy a mansion without any money. 


You and I stand before This Perfect Judge!


Have you ever lied, stolen, looked at someone with hate, or lust. News flash, you're just like the rest of us. 

  • If you said yes to all of these, then you're nothing but a lying, murdering, adulterous, thief. 


Now why should God let you into His kingdom? 


Our good deeds don't outweigh our bad, we only deserve to be eternally sad. 

We denied the greatest Love that there will ever be! We should be the ones crucified on a tree.


Here we are standing before God  trying to live our lives perfect as if it was our job

Looking SMELLING and talking like a christian, it's our guilt because that becomes our mission.


Everything about you and I is corrupt. 

When He showed us love, we told Him shut up!

We tried to make our lives right.

But it gets worse by the end of the night. 


We got hungry, weary, heart broken and beaten. 

and only come to God to complain why we haven't eaten. 


But the Greatest thing happened when God had a plan


To save the human race through the Son Of Man.


He took off His royal garnets, left eternity, to enter time. 

He broke the laws of physics, just to get to you. 

Walked on water, healed the blind, and yes dying too


Rose again, yes it's true. 

The reason He did it all was because of you. 

Nothing was going to stop Him from doing it

Because He sacrificed Himself and gave  everything for this relationship.



The Judge came down to take your place.



He is The Perfect Judge.


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