The True Guesser

Mon, 07/11/2016 - 18:12 -- Elzic

A fairly bright screen proposed to me a question I’ve asked myself for days,

“Who Is the True You” it said, and I thought with a starry eyed gaze.

When given proper thought I don’t really know my place.

I look to my future and see broken glass and a smothered haze.

I know I’ll soon get old and buried in a closed wooden shelf,

So why not find a way to express myself.

As a kid I never enjoyed poetry.

I found it tedious and scolded it unknowingly,

But now I can’t seem to let go of this beautiful literate tapestry,

And through the power of writing I plan on enjoying my haven as a sort of majesty.

If I had thrown away my thoughts where would I have been in a year?

My ideas frozen stuck, like the impact of headlights on a wide eyed deer.

So when all is said and all is done,

I guess I’ll be a poet, this should be fun.

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