True Beauty


True  beauty is found every place we look, not only just inside a book, though most think that it's equal to lust, we must dig down deeper and dig we must. For the beauty is stored inside ourselves, not only in tales upon high shelves, it is defined as personality unique, not someone's natural physique. Far under the skin of human beings, is where the beauty lays with all its meanings, true beauty comes from within your heart, no matter if you're dumb or smart. Despite the fact that we are all unique, to find the beauty we must sneak a peek, for when the beauty sought is discovered, mutual love and respect is uncovered. True beauty is more than meets the eye, so find your true beauty...try, try! And if I may, I proudly say... if others gaze not upon your beauty true, you must always remember that I do.                                                                                                                                                                             -C.Christiansen


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