Dear mom and Dad,

I am troubled by the thought of how much y’all work to support me.

I try my best to support myself but in the end, you guys carry the weight.

I’m scared I’ll disappoint Y'all

A daughter who is following her dreams but Y'all rather want her to study medicine

You see mom and dad I’m troubled by the fact you guys work day in and day out for a daughter who’s not following y’alls plan

You came into this country to give us a better life

How much of a better life can it be if Y'all are never enjoying it?

Troubled by working and paying the bills

Troubled by a daughter not going into medicine

The thing is mom and dad I am troubled as well

I contemplate each day if I’m making the right decision

Will it be enough to support Y'all in the end

Will I be able to carry on the weight?

Should I study medicine in order to support Y'all?

Is a happy life worth living if I can’t carry the weight?

Each day I’m being pulled and pulled

The pressure gets harder and weight becomes heavier

I want to make y’all proud and not carry the weight

I’ll work hard so Y’all can see that I didn’t have to go into medicine to support Y'all

I want us to live a world where the troubles do not define us.



 your daughter 

This poem is about: 
My family


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