Trojan Horse

A quest to find the chalice & mast
the squire had searched throughout the kingdom
A fare maiden was in waiting in her room
to cherish a red rose that was plucked a time before

A dragon with fire in his nostrils beneath the dungeon
inside he hides beside the swell
Blackened stench of death
a court jester dazzles with his baton

Tiny trolls were let loose on the vast kingdom's grounds
a fairy with crystals in there wings fly by
Hobbits come out of there houses
Today they will hear a message from the king

Through the darkness of the castle there he sits alone
The curtain drew back and then he stood
Children of the kingdom come hobbits and all
a Trojan horse will ride through the town

It is my pledge for all to see and be happy
silence came through the room and then
The king stated again, " A beacon of hope to a hurting world".
Then all would see the king ride the horse

Blessed be the time for joy
Blessed be far and low
Strength comes from up above
Love is the true essence of are existence

Then everyone was in a state of joy

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