my spirits awakens from months of struggle that felt like eternity

i always knew in my heart that i got the job

never one time did i 2nd guess myself

there is a cliche to never put all your eggs in one shell

i kept moving like a soldier

determine to conquer the challenge that lies ahead

i knew going through this journey, it wasn't going to be easy

i never gave in nor gave up

i never infatuated myself to be a lost soul lost through the cracks of the street

where blood will be in my hands

it was only a matter of time

and during that time

i kept being relentless, working out at 4am

training like a madman

inspire to be greater, never become what i despise

everyday when i walk in the dark hours to the gym

all i see are homeless people sleeping with a cardboard as a blanket to keep warm

homeless cats running away from and ducking cars all because they want to survive

see the same cabs on the corner on webster avenue waiting to pick up drunken men

drunken women in whom we all know what the aftermath is

that was all the motivation i need to keep my spirits uplifted

my finances is shackled by chains of bills

but not destroyed

i stick to my commitment in rebuilding my foundation

this is the beginning of a new chapter

all the glory goes to you god; all the glory goes to you jesus

i thank my interviewers for initial process, you believed in me

i thank my 2nd interviewers that included three special young people

thank you for believing in me

my tears of joy is gratifying for enabling me to lift a heavy boulder off my shoulder

this is how i'll thank all of you








I love this!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you

i spoke form the heart

check out my other poems i wrote


Dope as usual. Great job. Check my new poems out when you get the chance.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

thank you ariel

i will certainly check out my new poem

check out my other poems i wrote

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