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I find that with every opsticle that I serpass the more I can grasp my Goals.
My everyday strife was like sitting in a steam room with a broken knob,
as I suck up my sob and remeber the words of God,
For he will not, put on my sholders what I cannot handle.
So I sit back like moses and picture my self walking on holyground with no sandles.
I "man handle" my pop up billboards.
Like Holyfeild with the highest scores.
Yes now I see triumph is not some thing that just leaks into your hands.
But triumph is something you must stand up and be a Man or Woman and fight for,
Yes now I know this for sure,
So now I stand inside with my arms open wide looking threw heavens eyes,
In everything that I do seeing God comfort me with his staff and rod,
Advising me that he is always by my side,
Telling me that He alone is my Tour Guide ....and all I really have to do is ride.

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All rights reserved.


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