The Triple Threat


Lies, they surround

they abound.

Are they worth it?

You say you were trying to protect me,

yet when I figure it out,

and i do,

the lie cuts deeper into my sou,l

Than the truth ever would!


Broken promises,

they are lies to.

Did you have any intentions,

intentions of keeping the promise?

I’m not a fool,

yet I keep hoping you will fulfill as you say.

Well now I am done;

Your promises are worth nothing to me!


Secrets you cannot share,

now that is unfair.

Why do you tell me?

Seeing me beg and grovel,

it must please you.

It’s “adult stuff” you say,

yet it could alter my life.

Just tell me the truth for once!


One lie, 

That’s all it took,

To loose a job,

A passion,

And a dream.

One lie,

Destroyed a lifetime of trust.

One lie,

Ruined a forever friendship!


One broken promise,

That’s all it took,

To break a heart,

A bond between family,

And a little girl’s excitement.

One broken promise,

Meant months of rebuilding a relationship.

One broken promise,

Created a forever skeptical heart!


One unshared secret,

That’s all it took,

To destroy trust in those who deserve the most,

Faith that I matter when decisions are made,

And hope that I will be included.

One unshared secret,

Resulted in a life of snooping.

One unshared secret,

Caused a life to be lived forever in fear!


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