Tricks of the Trade

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 11:02 -- aysial


United States
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Why is it I’m the only person you can turn to when you have no one else?
You thought that I could pick up the pieces left by your ex- girl.
I’m not a side girl mister
Two ropes were just about to overlap
But then another rope came along tied the knot instead.
After that knot wore off, that rope came looking for the one it lost
In other words, don’t come back for me
It hurts when you only think of me when you need something
You try to catch me in a corner and plant one on my mouth
And then try to persuade me to see your throbbing sensation
No Baby Boy I’m not stupid
Once you had dropped my rope
I was not looking for yours
Then you want to make me your little secret
My mom used to say that when a boy says this, you should walk away
When he says this, he is being so disrespectful
Well Mom
He did, but I’m not walking away
To walk away would not mend the pieces that had just broken inside me
I have something to say
Noel Jones said that God said to stay
In the situation he puts you in
He said that God wants to use me
My purpose in life is to do God’s will
So I have to witness
He said that God did not put us here for a relationship with another human being
So I cannot be with you
My purpose is not be with you
I’m slowly starting to believe all these words now
Now I understand how the enemy works
Right after I receive God, the enemy tries to put me back in my place
But that is not my place in life.
My place is in God’s will
No more am I going to take your mess
You look like a shriveled piece of paper in my face
Now it’s time for me to throw you away
Move the trash can to the side
And pick up an apple from one of God’s trees
Something that is actually going to nourish me
You can stay here and look surprised
But I
I am going home now
Don’t try to reel me back into my past while I am trying to step into my future
At the present time God’s calling me
And I am going to listen to what HE has to say
At the present time I am in a relationship
God is wrapping HIS arm around me when I walk
We talk about anything and everything
He doesn’t have to worry about me being with someone else
I am glad
Yes I am proud to be with him
When you look at me, you know who gave me the sparkle in my eyes
When I am walking and ignoring you, you already know that HE is the only man that is on my mind.
At the present time, this knot has been tied
And I am not searching for another one.


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