Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II


United Kingdom

As you lay you to rest, in your final state,Westminster, UK, The World, Demonstrate,Your purpose, Your sense of duty, Was clear to see,Let's not forget, your familyAs time ticks towards the eleventh hour of the day,The funeral, The service, Melancholy. A nation mourns, collectively.Queen Elizabeth II,History,  Presence Powerful legacy.Tributes pour in, globally.Able to bond Everyone together, Majestically.As we prey for you, heavenlyHeads of state,VIP's everywhere,At Westminster AbbeyAnother Lion waits in line, Patiently,Decades in training,Dutifully.King Charles III, Steps up to the thrown, His time to be,A new era of rule, We shall all see.Let's not forget the rein of her Majesty,Queen Elizabeth II, United a nation, a Commonwealth,Perfectly. 


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