TRIAL RUN: Axe Tiny Cakes

 June 1 2018
Objective: Trial run of Axe Tiny Cakes
Engage with customers and promote the product
"These axe-shaped mini desserts might  be little,
but they can make your day a lot more special!"

May 31 2018
Haven't we all been bothered by small things?
Things such as opinions of others,
timeframe competitions
and unrealistic standards

These small things surely make my day special
on a daily basis


I overthink
I am never at ease
I am always taking a step back

But hey, I have a product to promote tomorrow
And a product that I'll try for the first time


June 1 2018
Objective: Trial run of Confidence
Engage with people and promote the product


See their vacant stares?
The list of the things  that they can do to you is as blank as they are
See that reflection in the mirror?
That's yours
And no matter how fast other people run,
the things you deserve
will remain yours
And you alone have the right
to set standards for yourself
because your only opponent
is the person you were yesterday




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