What is a trend is a trend? Is a trend that mysterious black room that grabs you in when you look too close. Is a trend the eraser that wipes your mind clean causing you to forget your previous thoughts, this eraser left behind no evidence of what you previously sought, or even how you previously fought to make a message out of those $5 shirts and $10 shoes, leaving you shaking and frightenened that people won't accept what you previously bought. I want the jordans, the polo, the the nine west all these names causing you to forget your own. Saving up for sneakers while you look at college and say welcome loans, as you throw away a book to get that apple that everyone's bit, while looking down at the people who took a bite and chose to spit. I'm not trying to give off the impression that..... i just hate when people throw on all white to match the paper instead of trying to be the pen that leaves a mark, so hand me a paper and when i drop my pen at least I can say I followed my heart but....... I digress.

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Our world
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