trend of the generation


We live in a world of segregation

Where everywhere you go its racist places

I’m not just talking about your skin or complexion

Also what you believe in

Martin fought for equality

But people don’t comprehend

Niggah was a slave a whipped and slashed human

All because of his skin

Now it’s a trend

But my generation is ignorant

How do we recover?

Martin fought for the right to be treated coequal

But no matter what he did society is battered forever

I call it a trend

A trend because he she her are niggahs homies supposed friends

Niggah is used as vocabulary

My generation has shackled itself to society no will to be unchained

An abyss of past events

Segregation of colored people now segregation among gays

Repeating history everyone is oblivious to what is so called life

Segregation against blacks Hispanics even whites

Religion orientation how you live your daily life

I am rejected by some societies

But I am of many races

I am your black sister your Latina friend

Even a Caucasian woman

But I have pigmented skin

So what does this mean I am rejected

I am a half breed

Not accepted in my communities

So I say take the trend

Take it smash it brake it and put it to ruins



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