Trees aren't so Different

Why do people say that trees are so different than us?

We're both living organisms,

We both reproduce.

It's not just the scientific aspects either,

There's many physical likenesses between us.

Rough knarrled bark is their skin,

Comming in all different colors and shades,

No two trees quite alike.

Ever changing leaves amass at their tops and hang down on branches,

Their green hair sometimes reaching to their toes.

The roots.

Feet firmly planted to the ground,

Anchoring them to the real world.

Sap runs from the trees,

As blood when it is hurt,

And tears when it is crying.

The letters A.W plus M.D inscribed within a heart is the work of a crude tattoo artist on a right shoulder.

We are both divided into groups,





All separated into subsections of a larger part.

The wind is the tree's best friend,

Whispering juicy tidbits of gossip softly in its ears.

Trees feel the bone chilling cold of winter as well as we,

Shivering in the frozen night.

They bald as do we,

Although more quickly I must admit.


Trees are not so different from us,

Not as much as you want to believe.



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