Tree of Hope

When I was young I used to dream

I would run through fields, so ever green

Up so high the sun would gleam

It gave me hope of possibility 


As I got older it would seem,

My sprout of hope had become a tree

This tree was full of goals and dreams

With branches so big, with bark so strong

I never thought my tree would fall. 


When I finally hit my teens,

I lost sight of my hopes and dreams

The tree I once loved withered and wilted

My glimmer of hope soon died with it.


Without my tree where could I rest my goals, my dreams

It seemed the sun no longer gleamed

I couldn’t see any possibility 


I was tired of feeling so empty

The criticism was plenty 

I shut it down 

I stood my ground

I planted a new seed 


With this new tree grew a stronger, and wiser me

I now saw opportunity

I will reach my goals 

I will live my dreams 

All because of my new found responsibility 

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