Tree of Forgiveness


I started out as a seed.

I was planted into the ground

By the hands of new beginnings,

Trampled by the feet of nonbelievers,

And showered with the tears

Of the broken-hearted.

I was given light to raise me up,

Towards the clouds of smoke

Derived from the fire,

That left ashes,

Like scars from the past.

I breathe in the air stolen from the innocent,

For too many times,

And breathe out forgotten memories.

My branches are like arms,

That have gotten stronger

With love and protection.

My sticks are like fingers,

But they are covered

With the leaves of trust,




And hate.

The bugs eat away my leaves

With each hurtful word spoken.

I lose an entire leaf each time a precious life is taken.

My branches fall and burn to ashes when a family is betrayed.

My trunk rots as I stand here and watch the world crumble around me.

I am disintegrating

As the world that used to exist,

Slowly fades away.

Each day,

I lose leaves.

My branches fall and burn,

Out of touch with the seasons.

I am dying,

Because as the world changes,

So do people,

And the things they do.

No one has the time,

Or the strength to forgive others,

Because they’re too busy betraying trust themselves.

Trust is just a word,

And I am just the tree of forgiveness,

Standing here,

Until someone comes to cut me down.


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