To whom I love most
Hear me out
Listen to me and understand my points
My values
My trust is what you will need
No harming no confusion
Your heart is only mine and no one else's but me
Look in my eyes and listen to my story as I will listen to yours
Let it set free
So tell me the hurt the damage that you have been through
We can overcome the battle together
that is not the issue
Understanding each other
and the life we have been through
Is the start of a really good relationship
let me kiss you
To love one another is the foundation we need
But do not forget the three
trust, loyal and caring
that is the seed
Let it grow and grow
strong and steady
into the beautiful tree
Although Seasons will change
Some dull and brighter than others
we still have the roots that are under
With the Lord on our side
and the love from you
and the love from me
That is a Healthy Relationship
That I aim
to succeed

This poem is about: 
My family


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