Trayvon unspoken words

They say these things about me
They don’t know my fears
The victim who became the aggressors it’s what the defense descaled
They say race wasn’t the issue so why was I consider a thug
Was it just because
No it’s not just because
A black man they say in gated community that’s a violation with no explanation
Age 17 black men huh
Last time I check you had to be consider 21 for a male to be a man
Black Multiply by ten
Death knock at my front door this issue that still remain
After my ancestors died for our freedom
We are still bondage
We don’t make it no better black on black violence they fireguard allow us to kill our self’s and they wont have to bother
God make no mistake my life was taken cause of my race
Even If that wasn’t the case
Dead now sitting there cold as a winter night
America suppose the be the o’er land of the free
When freemen shall stand
Where is the freedom
No justice is what America has stand
In God I trust
Trayvon Benjamin Martin will have a peace at last

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