The Traveling Author With A Glass Eye

My ultimate dreamy job is to be a traveling journalist/author
writing short stories and the like.
Every week I'm in a different lavish hotel,
my rooms paid for by a 
well known publishing company,
 room service galore.
I sleep when I want
Eat what I want, 
no lunch breaks for me!
I could write a good story someone in Asia 
can really sink their teeth into.
To build self esteem in little boys and girls all over South America
because words have power.
And show my passions through imagery.
I, dream to bring people far and wide into my world 
where I share my current and past experience.
I'm out and about at night in a new town.
Worrying about nothing more than my own pure
satisfactions and connecting with others 
through words.
Why should life be hard?
Filled with just pain and sorrow?
I want a good life,
one I can have not only because of my job but because I
work hard and deserve it.
Never having a boring nine to five job
 working in a cubicle.
I have to put in the work,
 journalist and authors aren't dumb.
Au contraire.
They are smart, intuitive, creative and educated.
They have knowledge from being in college and 
getting life experience.
They can articulate words like no other professional.
I would love to have the support of my family if I choose this career
but maybe I won't.
I guess I will have to just find out.


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