Trauma Momma

  This world is drama…Momma

The way this world sees me

Crazy, am I going…Momma?

They think I’m being lazy…

They don’t see me…Momma

I do my best everyday…

That’s how you raised me…Momma

But they don’t see my pain…


Guilt and Shame

I can’t give my day-to-day

One name

I can’t tell you how alone I feel…

On Sunny days

And when it rains


Know this is real

Valid and True

Yet somehow sensational

They love to applaud how we do

Regardless, we always knew

They will never fully see

What we go through


But I see your trauma…Momma

Cuz it’s generational

Not illogical

Not a curse

Not irrational

Nor a mystery

A victim, we do not play

It’s in our people’s

American history


Systemically designed

Carefully crafted with love

Stories passed down

Through centuries of pain

But still denied

By the dominant domain


No matter what I do,

I do for you

No matter our disputes

Always know my love is true

I know you got trauma, Momma

And I can’t blame you

With how the world sees us

Truth must be Me and You


We’re not on one accord

Misunderstandings and reprimands

Are luxuries we can’t afford

Though your love is ever-present

Your pain remains hidden

Exploration must be done

To self-discover where we fit in


Acknowledging this pain

Comes with irritation

A thorn in your side

Causing deep indignation

Though I pry

I hope that it’s clear

Seeking understanding is brave

But swallowing pain

Slows change and brings fear


I respect and admire you

Because of this, I can’t ignore

You got trauma…Momma

A treasure that must be explored


As your son, It’s my duty

To protect and reveal

To love and admire

To adore and appeal

I see your trauma… Momma

That’s why I do

What I do

No Matter What

Always know

I love All of You

This poem is about: 
My family


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