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Like a chain, a chain that
Shackles her to her grave;
Is this any different?
Well, from shackles, she can be saved.

Haunting, the menace has been haunting her
For years.
And this same menace that haunts her,
Gives her best friend three cheers.

Soon things will be right;
That will be the day,
But when will that day come?
No one can say.

For now and years to come,
She will be strapped to that grave,
Still peering into the dark
Waiting to be saved.

But this no fairytale,
There is no army coming.
Nor a knight.
Not even a drummer boy drumming.

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting
It is now her time to die.
Still that grave;
Is the only thing by her side.

Before she goes,
She leaves one last dying wish.
Raise a fist,
Don’t let another girl be treated like this.


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