We sit for hours in a cramped seat

A pointless, endless haze

Waiting for release

No support, no strength, how we were raised


No creativity, not letting us dream

"This is horrible!", "start over"

Negativity ruining our self­ esteem

No music, no fun, all ordered for disclosure


To sit in these seats and wait for a sign

We stare at a chalk board filled with empty words

We discuss outdated books and outdated minds

All to us completely absurd


The clock becomes a strong fixation

Sent to detention for falling asleep

Or listening blankly wishing for vacation

The bell rings and we all jump to our feet

Stress sets in and the pressure increases

Striving for greatness and a good future

At the same time being torn to pieces

By someone who claims to know best, aka our teacher


We feel no motivation to succeed

As the person we are trying to impress 

Could actually care less 



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