Thu, 01/05/2012 - 23:39 -- poet

I am here, in this place breathing but not living
my heart is pumping but I’m still not living
I am breathing out false hope and “ain’t never gonna happen” dreams
cause you see, my heart doesn’t pump blood, my heart pumps the lies I’m fed
Lies I’m fed through media, lies I’m fed through government, yeah lies I am fed through my family cause its the same shit they were fed
my heart pumps the shit that won’t come out of me that’s trapped inside of me
I’m trapped, trapped in thoughts of “Oh, I’m a black girl, a nigga, and I’m never gonna be shit.”
because society is setting me up to be just that- shit.
But no, I’m trapped true, but I’m trapped

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"Trapped" is a word that has so many meanings, as you describe in your poem. Some people believe they are trapped within themselves, or the world around them, and this type of poem helps people to realize that they are not alone, because everyone feels trapped in some way, by something. The most powerful line of this poem in my opinion is "Lies I'm fed through media, lies I'm fed through government, yeah lies I am fed through my family" because this line lets everyone know how difficult it is to find the truth. Maybe you could send this poem to your school or a government program, to demonstrate to them how students feel trapped by others, especially those who believe they have power over them, and how this needs to be changed.


wow this is great im loving the poem ! and i understand trapped.

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