Trap Princess

Tue, 08/01/2017 - 11:59 -- Sara_sw

Once upon a time,

in a land far away,

there lived a beautiful princess

whose name was Aurora.

Her hair as golden as sunshine on a sunflower,

lips as red as the red rose,

a smile that could fill one with the most joy,

and the spirit of a dove.



there was an evil witch in the kingdom

who wanted to hurt the pretty princess.

So, the king and queen hid their daughter-

they hid her with the fairies.

Aurora grew up in this forest,

with the faireis in tow.

Aurora was blessed with three gifts when she was born:

beauty, grace, and

mad rap and DJ skills.


Aurora threw the biggest 



raves in the forest,

where all the gnomes, fairies, and animals of the forest

met up to listen to the Trap Princess.

She produced only the dankest of beats.


One day,

the evil witch caught wind of Aurora's lit parties,

and she hunted the Trap Princess down.

When the evil witch came upon the rave,

she was overwhelmed with how on fleek her beats were.

Aurora saw the evil witch and there was a halt in her set.

Aurora shouted from her DJ booth at the witch and said,

"You here to throw down? Girl you better get ready!

I'm the biggest, baddest, and fairest rapper 'round here,

is you sure you'se ready to fight me?"


The evil witch was stunned with panic,

her rap skills were no match for Aurora's-

the Trap Princess.

But before the witch could come up with a plan to defeat Aurora,

the TP dropped the beat so hard that the witch was knocked out-


Down for the count,


The witch tried to fight back but,

nothing could touch TP spitting some fire rhymes. 

"Girl where you come from? You think you could step on my turf, 

nah girl

this is my block.

You best step off

Your time is running out on the clock.

Take your raggedy self on out,

and try not to pout."

The witch had been roasted.

TP had destroyed her image, she was:





After the battle was won,

if you could call it one,

Aurora went back home,

to no longer stay with the gnomes.

She greeted her mother and father

with tears in her eyes she asked,

"Did y'all witness my legitness?"

Trap Princess was home. 




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