Translucent Reflections Duplicitous Reality

Mon, 12/30/2013 - 20:36 -- OstrinC

I am told I should not fear Perfection-

I should not fear it- for I will never reach it.


colors of the World are painted about Her

Searching back with open eyes-


Her smile, instant fulfillment-

the Want to Need -

This person-of Life


You are Perfection-

 Haunting me and Daunting me-

- like autumn air -

 that Whispers Winter


Absolute Nothing

No Sense of Sight or Smell


Do you see, Cordilia?

You Mirror my Heart -and Mirror my Mind-



Secrets Haunt Eyes-

I feel

Psht! Cordilia, Ha! You feel none.

Nor do you tempt to speak a word! A word of Value.

Do you See me? Feel me?


For I am Real-

More than a sight- like You-


I value my thunders of emotions,


which You Know Not


See me - -

     - for I am Real.

Know my Truths - Act upon Truth-

the Love of Truth.


A Truth of Love?

  discover Love

    A drug? Oxygen-

      Leads the burning Fire.


A Feeling- to know?

The good word of mine Own Breath and Soul.

My Certainty.



My Love, why we are here-

Here Together


Perfect- You Are

In the Untold stories of Your Unopened Mouth-

It haunts me -daunts me

     like autumn air

            that Whispers Winter.


I shouldn’t say yet-

No –To Regret -

We have just met…


You mirror My Heart -

and mirror My Mind-

Nothing is sane, except

 -when We’re Intertwined-


Perfect – You Are

glossy eyes,

cheeky smile,

Nineteen dreams –fill- Cries.


Red to the Touch- Pale to Clutch-

 It is a bit much- -

To proclaim that it Just -be -This way-

or That way-



to the Chaos-

reasoning for this Chaos -are there

in the Universe



      To burning Flame


My Love, why we are here-

Here Together


Reach for Perfection

Search the Sun and Moon -

There is an Order to the way the world is

-the way it shall be-


the Sun, Moon;


the Dirt, Earth;

Life -la vida


Cordilia, Feel It-

The good word

of mine Own Breath and Soul






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