When the warrior inside the cell of your heart is in protest and the ringing is becoming unbearable.

When this demonstrator makes all the world lucid for you and the transgression around you insufferable

May your words be sparse

And your actions be infinite

Don’t worry about your diction for your eyes will be a witness for you to God.

And your hands will speak of the way they guarded your ears.

And your eyes will count the pools they have brimmed.

And your sleep will murmur of the nights you have spent away from her.

And your legs will communicate their stagnancy.


When the transgressors attempt to make you feel




Remind them

That although your heart is aching,

it has also turned cold

And though you may use your hands to shield the pain,

they also love to be thrown

And even though your tears are a release,

your eyes can burn, can scorch, can erode,

can bring cities to rubble

And while you have spent nights and days red-eyed,

you enjoy watching grass grow and seasons change

And despite your legs being motionless,

You were born legs first and kicking



Remind yourself

Justice is not a fantasy, even though it may feel like it often times



Remind them

Justice is not earned

--It is predispositioned


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