I prefer my words to live along my pia mater and not on paper

Somehow, they are more vivid there

More true

Yet something is compelling me so strongly to write them

Type them


My thoughts of you

For you are so bright

Shining in my synapses

I can’t help but preserve your image on a screen

That only needs a button pushed firmly to awaken

Unlike my neurotic neurons and my sleepy eyelids


My thoughts of you stream through like water

And wash away anxieties I churn out in my sleep

And wake up with each dreaded morning

Gray or otherwise

Yet even just the memory of your weight mere inches from me

Is enough to feel like morning can be good

Or even great

And hearing songs we sang or serenaded transcends all thought

And simply puts me in that place with you


So I sing dreams to myself during the day

And I write stories of forbidden sleeps at night

And by the power of my mind

Shining with your face inside it

You are almost truly here

And not just a lucid dream


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