It is a transcendence
of space and time.
A place to die
and be born
and live
and learn
and lose and gain.


To not own it,
but to own it.
To not keep it
but it’s mine.
To hold onto fire.


A sense of belonging
to a sense of confusion
about a sense of belonging.
A flash in the dark,
leaving stars in my eyes.


Your love is a motionless ship
in the midst of a storm that would make Odysseus quiver.
Yet its waves crash over me with a force
that would make Poseidon blush.


It is an abundance.
The Sultan’s gold.
The key; your smile.
And I’ll swim through the vast treasures
to find your soul.


Stillness in your eyes
takes me by surprise.
I stumble backward
and fall
and fall
and fall...


All I can do is gaze at the world 

through eyes glazed and a stupid grin.
There is a tint in the air,
a brightness to every colour-
A sizzle in the light.


Your love is like a drop of water on the dirt:
simple, yet rich.
So purposeful and full of life.


And when you’re gone from me,
the devil on my shoulder convinces me it can’t be real.


Then the angel on my shoulder whispers your name


and I remember your feel,
I remember your taste.
I catch your scent.
Oh, how beautiful your face,
when you told me you loved me too.


It’s all true.

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