I’ve seen it in your eyes that longing desperation

A mind hell-bent on breaking and a heart filled with mistakes.

Anger twists and turns inside to the point of incineration

Sadness leaves a crack as the heart can’t mend its breaks.

We’ve had our share of screaming, our share of crying too

The moments lost in our shadows no light in our eyes.

We kept striving for the future, kept reminiscing on the past

Yet we never found our moment here just kept trying to make time last.

I’ve watched as you bombard yourself with all that’s wrong

Keep changing the lyrics but singing the same song.

I’ll share my pieces if you’ll share yours

And maybe we can rebuild these doors.

Our lives are never over until the time we say we’re done.

Our last breath will reincarnate in the fields under the sun.

Sorrows linger in the longing that time stands still for us

But once we realize its fluidity we realize it never does.

Our smiles need not be predicated on owning this or that

Perhaps our smiles can be for ourselves

We see the edge of nothing and assume the worlds flat

But when we walk over that cliff we find the valley descends far below

All we know is only as much as we may never know.

The stars glow luminescent still even after all these years

Cry under the moonlight and let the grass soak our grief away.

Rise above the frame of mind, transcend the fears

Living for the now no fears can possibly stay.

Root out all the violence, rid ourselves of hate.

Our eyes may shine like stars from far above the skies

With a shimmer and a shine that exist where dreams reside.

Our words may never come in whispers or breach the point of breath.

We may convey all our words with wordless words

Speaking through our eyes devoid of judgments and death.


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