To Transcend


To Transcend



i Drink.

Tired of this,

a 'nough


Done but

with no not

Ease, Finding not

at all Life's Gold, said

'neath the still Waves Welcome

to be 'cept Cold Shivers from

of 'low: Bleak Bowels when

where'd Negate Fools like

a lent fly Glass

-Bound; an up

to down


-Jerk. and,

the that way

Hope Moves


not no

so Gone Grieve

of and on the

Rock Water that so

sole Sets Suns as you the

it Rise Raped re, re, re, re

Life's Love – he who un non

Paved Platos, or let

to 'Stracts Race with

the three six

Hooves Hell-


to same

not Saint Shrine,

so i


lack Proof'd

Drown from this.

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