The Tragedy of Othello


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A secret marriage in the dead of night
To a beauty for whom Roderigo would fight
But the gentle Desdemona to marry a moor
Was a thought Barbantio would directly abhor
So they slipped to the house and spoke vicious slurs
For the father could not endure slander of her
And that was where it all began
Othello, the pawn to Iago’s plan

Slowly, meticulously, Iago weaved lies
Carefully severing the lovers’ close ties
Iago’s plan was to break the trust
Into the mind his deception was thrust
“She falls for another—do you really not see
How her eyes fall to Casio when she’s not with thee?”
Othello’s head filled with despicable pictures
Desdemona in their bed – and Casio with her
For some time Othello refused to believe –
For his love to betray him, he couldn’t conceive
After time though, the doubt he could no longer stall
Thus effectively sealing the fate for them all

From Iago’s scheme, Othello was led;
“Where is the handkerchief I gave thee when wed?”
He commanded she present it immediately
To preserve her good name and confirm loyalty
Unable to deliver, he entitled her ‘whore’
Though guiltless she was; his faith was no more.
She tried to convince him that her love was pure
But deceitful Iago had made him unsure
Ripping with jealously, seething with rage
Othello decided that death he would wage.

Awake in her bed with her mind in a race
Unable to face her, the room he just paced
A change in his course he could not conceive
The pain in his heart he could not relieve
Fear overwhelming, she pleaded and begged
As the pillow came forward and pressed to her head
The violent struggles eventually ceased
He slid off the bed and sank to his knees

Iago’s plan had succeeded with force
“Murder! Murder!” Emilia screamed in remorse
Guards stormed the room, swords raised in the air
Vastly stunned by the tragedy awaiting them there
Othello explained the cause for his action
Iago’s betrayal then came to attention
Othello, enraged, thrust a blade through the liar
Though he wished it was he who was sent to hell’s fire
In self-condemnation he pulled out his knife
Intent on rejoining his innocent wife
Struggling onto the bed to lay with his fair maiden
He died slowly beside her, heart sorrowfully laden
Placing far too much trust in the words of man
Othello’s demise came to devious hands

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