Sat, 04/20/2013 - 01:53 -- beeks


United States
45° 47' 19.9896" N, 108° 35' 27.186" W

My tears are sweetly urged,
My heart is cut deep,
The pricks of thorns are heavy burdens on my heart,
And my soul cries, “Forfeit to death!”
Oh, darkened heaven,
Teach me to forget to think of love.
My heart cries,
“If you flee, you do me wrong!”
Oh, seductive times of sorrow
And distorted chaos,
My life is shining bright with a melodramatic light
My soul dies, and my heart cries
When I talk of my dream,
A dream of love that happens too late.
The essence of love shows bright,
Full of life, but out of love.
Oh, Callous angels of love
Described the light, and then showed me the darkness.
I look to love the one that does not love in return


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