It's sick

It's twisted

What it does to him

He thinks he can stop

But the addiction comes from within

The smoke creeps up his heart

Spinning in his head

Causing his mind to spark

It fogs up his soul

Pushing emotion away

Empty laughter creeps in

For a few hours he forgets

The pain

The misery

The past regrets

He coughs

Giving an invitation to reality

His sick reality

His twisted reality

His psychological misery

He tries to escape

But there is no way

So he uses the smoke

To get by day by day

How much longer until

Once again he breaks

Until he has to accept

That life is more than momentary pleasure

That he is more than his ruthless endeavors

Pain is the accepting of reality

Not of things imaginary

He fears the pain

And the fear pains him



This poem is about the harm that addiction and substance abuse can do to you.

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